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when the doctor asked...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
...why I was there at my appointment with the dermatologist yesterday, I did not have an answer. It was just routine, a 'check-up' I suppose. When I saw the Dr. a year ago, she was pretty insistent that I should present my person on an annual basis to be inspected.

In a most aggravating and unlikely scenario, the first time I went several weeks ago, I was on the wrong day of the wrong week at the wrong time. I continue to be baffled as to what would have caused me to write all that incorrect information on my calendar. To be so certain that I was supposed to be there over two weeks ago, when they claimed to have nothing about me on their schedule. Making me think: am I in a bad movie?

All I can figure is that the appointment book person actually did schedule a follow-up for me, and wrote it on a card for me to bring home and put on my calendar. It is possible I would have been looking at the wrong month when I wrote it down - but if that is the case, the days and dates would have been out of sync., not matching up to make me wonder: what's going on here? But what I had written -wrongly- on my calendar was absolute. A definite time, and date.

The Dr. has moved into a new office space, so I have to now wonder if they were the ones in all the chaos and jumble of relocating were the ones who got confused? At any rate, they did not tell me I was not on the book until I had done all the paperwork. So I accidentally got that out of the way two weeks ago. Resulting in being promptly moved through the process when I did make an appearance on the right day at the right time.

Told the NP about my tick bite from last week, when she looked at my back, as well as all other parts to inspect for anything suspicious. Explaining how the cousin had a tick bite but did not get a specific diagnosis, due to the lab loosing her blood. She still has some side effects that are likely related to this bite from years ago. I am moderately paranoid about ticks as a result of her story, so always keep ticks after I peel them off, and save in case needed. Telling my family if I should start acting stranger than usual, they should take the tick when they take me to the ER. I now have a total of three in my collection.

I am, currently, hopefully, not acting any stranger than usual. No cause for alarm. Funny, though, how the site of the bite will continue to be itchy in a sporadic, low-grade way for weeks after I doctor it with peroxide and antibiotic.

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