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what it might be...

Monday, June 13, 2016

... but not sure? I think it is a praying mantis, but if so, it is the healthiest I have ever seen. When I went out to get a lunch out of the freezer this morning before going to work, the bug was there on the door frame. Where I would go in the workshop to the auxillary fridge to get my little box of Smart One frozen food to take to nuke when I got a break.  That bug was only about six inches from my face as I opened the door in the semi-dark. Naturally, I said ' holy #@%&'. Thankful I noticed in time to avoid actually putting my hand on it.

I worked nearly twelve hours today, going in at 6:00, and leaving at about 5:50. So it was a very long day, but no longer than the similar hours on Sunday. I went in the workshop to get a little 'fix' from my chocolate stash hidden in the bottom drawer of that same fridge. (That isn't a secret stash any more, as I have observed the local diabetic enjoying my mini-peanut-butter cups.) Whereupon I nearly put my hand on that same bug again. As you might expect, said the same thing.

Decided to take photo to get confirmation. But the picture isn't really clear enough to determine what it is. Sadly you cannot even see that there are actually two of them there, just like they were this morning, when I was surprised for the first time. The little one is on the back of the bigger one, causing me to suspect they have been practicing reproduction all day. If I not mistaken in identifying the species, the female eats the male after consumation. I am  not planning to stick around for that.

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