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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
...according to Webster's Dictionary: something that shows what is coming. The word has a very interesting provenance. Out of curiosity, I looked up the origin. Discovered the archaic use was to describe a person who is sent ahead to make arrangements, finding a place for those who follow to stay, eat, sleep. Sort of like an envoy, maybe?  Derived from Anglo-French word for 'lodgings'.

What it means here: putting readers on notice that travels are impending. I've asked for time off  from work, and received ample grief/guilt from management. But the tickets have been purchased, so the trip will happen, progress as planned. If I am not employed upon my return, so be it.

Daughters agreed to go with me (I do need supervision, possibly a chaperone or two) for a week to UK. They apparently enjoyed our travels last summer as much as I did, so we invited ourselves to go and spend a few days with a cousin who lives in southern England. Plus a couple of days gawking in London.

They reportedly find me and my country bumpkin-ness amusing, for which I am grateful. They could just roll their eyes, say 'oh, mom', and act like they do not know that person who is looking with awe and wonder at various landmarks, statues, natural wonders with mouth agape. Perhaps it makes them feel all "growed up', in a position to provide cautious guidance for the  goofy person they are shepherding around. What ever the reason, I am thankful they want to go, willing to keep an eye on me when I fail to pay attention crossing the street, or browsing through the museum.

Leaving Friday night ,July 1, to be gone a week. We will be in the place where there is no regard whatsoever for the Fourth of July.  Amongst those who have no reason to celebrate.  So I am thinking about smuggling in a box of sparklers, along with little flag pins for everyone to wear and flaunt Independence Day.

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