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a fun invite..

Monday, June 20, 2016
... came in the form of a phone call the end of last week. That same acquaintance who asked me to come to see her gardening efforts and stay for The Four Cs. She said we needed to celebrate the summer solstice. Which happens today, marking the northern most point of the sun rise in the northern hemisphere. I'm pretty sure we will enjoy the 'Four Cs'again this afternoon.

She reported looking forward to the idea of cooler weather, while I am diametrically opposed to the prospect of shorter days. Ironically the same thing: her enthusiasm for change of seasons and my desire to have summer last forever. (Which just might happen with global warming!?)  I am not at all excited about having the sun go down at six o'clock, and long chilly nights. But change it will, as surely as the sun and  moon.

I am very flattered to be asked, and sort of amused to think that she feels I might have some quality that would enhance the gathering. I do not think of my person a  being particularly entertaining, but am hoping that my wry, dry delightful sense of humor is part of the reason for being invited. If the opportunity should arise, I might even ask why I was fortunate enough to be among the chosen ones.

Hoping to go and enjoy meeting folks and not embarrass myself. I do believe I have enough propriety in my person to behave decently, in spite of the recent failure to control my tongue when it ran away. (The incident at work when I blurted out 'why do you need to know?' after someone asked a too personal question.) I will try to channel my sainted grandmothers who had such high regard for being polite, lady-like, proper, mannerly, including a check to be certain the seams on the nylons were straight on the backs of your legs.

I was recently in conversation with a friend and told her about a quote from years ago: something I read in a book, possibly a quote from Earnest Hemingway? "If you are not doing things for fun anymore, you might as well be dead".  So my goal current goal in life is pretty much just to enjoy it as much as possible. How's that for ambition?

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