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painting project...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

...finished. Yay! That time consuming thing I was doing for the county agent to use at the Insectival in July. Thankful to not have that hanging over my head any longer. Now I need to cut the holes out for faces to smile and get it delivered uptown to the Extension office and out of  my life.

And completed the pallet I wanted to paint like an American Flag. Looked at a couple of samples on the internet, and find that people are (seriously!) selling them. Wow. I'm certainly not going into the flag/pallet business. One is more than enough.

I guess if the price was right, I would be willing to paint another. But honestly, it is such an easy project, I'm thinking that anyone who wanted one and could scrounge up a pallet, would do it oneself. Rather than pay the $35 or $50 or more the people who are selling them on Etsy are wanting. It would be entertaining to do several, though the stars are sort of tiresome. Mass producing would get tedious in short order - plus where are you gonna put them until someone wants to pay for it?

But now that I have completed the patriotic work, and loaded it onto the wheelbarrow to trundle up the driveway (three times, it fell off twice) I am concerned. Expecting some beer fueled teen-aged guy with a pick up truck will come along and think he likes it more than I do. I've found a length of chain and will run to the store to get a little padlock and secure it. I'm so pleased with my project, I can't think why everyone from the Atlantic to the Pacific would not want one propped up in their front yard. So keeping it safe from being heisted is a necessity.

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