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getting organized...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
... to go to south GA on Friday and do flowers for a wedding. A family friend is getting married on Saturday, in Thomasville. I am thinking, planning, pondering, making a list of all the tools and oddments I might need to put some little hand held bouquets together for the bride and a couple of attendants. Plus flowers for moms, and the little pin on boutenniers for the men. All of whom will be there, showing love, devotion and support for the couple as they make a big commitment.

I think I have it all together, except for the fresh flowers I will pick up tomorrow. Going over to AL to the wholesale floral supply to get roses. The other major addition will be hydrangeas, that will hopefully come from the grocery store (in Thomasville) that surprisingly has the best cut flower prices in town. I would be buying what the bride wants at work, but cannot be certain of the colors. She was pretty specific about what she wanted, so I will make a run to the wholesaler to get the desired shade of pale pale pink roses.

I tell people all the time about a customer I met when I started working there. Sally would come in every week and buy what she needed to make two big church arrangements she had a contract for providing each Sunday. She told me she could not go anywhere else and get what she needed for the price. So  I could expect to see Sally on Friday, when she would get her bunches of fresh flowers to make the arrangements, to deliver each Saturday.

The bride wants: pale pink roses, white hydrangeas, a bit of greenery,stems wrapped with a wide, cream-colored satin ribbon. And lots of little casual arrangements on the tables for centerpieces with roses and hydrangeas, a bit of frou-frou and some fern tucked in. Pretty bride, happy couple, starting a new life together.

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