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a bit of flag waving going on here...

Monday, June 20, 2016
... in the smallest way. I went to the 'just a buck' store recently and saw some little flag lapel pins at the check out for only: you guessed it! $1. Got lured right into buying one. And put in in a Father's Day Card before I ever got the chance to put it on my collar. (Sadly, it says 'Made in China' on the back of the little card that has the UPC code on it.)

Went back to the just a buck store today to buy all they had: seven. With plans to take them to work and give them to  anyone who will put it on their shirts or aprons and wear the colors. I'm pretty hard core. Listening to an oldies station on the radio recently, and heard that Lee Greenwood song: Proud to be an American. I am such a sap, have become so tender-hearted it made me weepy. Right there in the car, all alone, driving down the street. Tears streaming down my face.

If you have spent any time with me, and heard my phone chiming in my pocket, you know. The ring tone is 'Stars and Stripes Forever', a very stirring march written by John Philip Sousa. Rousing when played loudly by the Army Band with lots of brass and cymbals, excellent for parades and concerts on the Fourth of July.

Let me know if you want me to mail you an American flag lapel pin, but you have to promise to wear it.

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