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party crasher...

Saturday, June 4, 2016
... as a result of having invited myself to the third birthday celebration in the past week. You will recall my attendance of two children's cake-and-ice cream events last Saturday. When a cousin planned to enjoy margaritas today, I proceeded to volunteer as available for joining in the celebrating.

My daughter in Decatur had been invited to meet mid-afternoon on Saturday for the celebrating, so I thought I should make an appearance as well. We went to a taco restaurant in south Atlanta, where they had already started on a big icy pitcher of liquid refreshment. I declined, knowing I would be driving myself back home before bed time. But did enjoy the company, and visiting with amusing young people.

But before the adult beverages, we went to the plant sale at the Perimeter college greenhouse, just to see what might be tempting. Hopeful of finding more perennials that would bloom all summer to lure more pollinators, I ended up with a couple of pots of a low growing plant that has tiny purple blooms that might be a successful ground cover. I have a couple of places in the yard I would like to fill in, and wondering what might work well in those spots, so hope the blue moneywort (lindernia) will be happy there. I saw some gaura that blooms for  months, and was tempted, but think the wildlife that roam through our neighborhood would probably find it tasty. There are a couple of them planted here already, but they have never bloomed, due to to being constantly nibbled. Thinking to relocate them so they will be inside the fenced area, though I've seen deer hoofprints there too.

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