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it's raining...

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
...right here, right now. Something we have been hoping for and needing for a couple of weeks. I guess I can be appreciative of the fact that Memorial Day was clear, bright and sunny around here, with no rain clouds to put a damper on all the picnicking and bar-b-que-ing that goes on over a holiday weekend. But honestly, I was hoping for some of that weather the south Carolina coast got from the tropical storm that rained on their celebrating.

I have planted some things in the past couple of days that I have watered copiously with the garden hose. Bloomers deliberately purchased that would be attractive to butterflies and humming birds, and will hopefully keep them coming around for another snack all summer long. I start off with good intentions, and great determination to only purchase perennials that will come back and bloom year after year. Then I catch a glimpse of the first humming bird of the season - zipping around, searching for things those little needle-like beaks can probe into and withdraw nectar. So I planted some seasonal red saliva recently - and immediately discovered several I had planted last summer that have survived and nearly ready to bloom again.

Just put a bright red penta in the bed near the driveway to attract more pollinators. And finally got that red verbena I found in a garden shop put in some planters/pots, for more long lasting summer blooms. I hope to be diligent about watering until they get established. That good drenching rain we are having will refresh all those things that have been drooping in the ninety-plus heat this week. As well as give the thirsty tomatoes planted out in the garden a welcome drink.

And now that it has soaked everything, I can get some other plants in pots squared away. I (accidently) bought a couple of native azaleas, and a large pot with several small flowering almond trees. Things I have been trying to keep saturated for a couple of months, with plans to put in the ground. But it has been too dry to try to dig holes in the rock-like solid clay soil around here. Now that it has been soaked, and softened, I will get those things in some holes in the next couple of days. I know they stand a better chance of surviving the summer if they are planted in good (homemade) dirt and mulched well.

So. Thankful for Rain, drenching everything that has been thirsty and needing refreshing.

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