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painting project....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

... today, when I spent the morning working on a couple of big sheets of cardboard, probably salvaged/scavenged from a large appliance dealer. I'd guess the pieces of corrugated are five by six'ish. One a bit bigger than the other. I laid them out on the carport floor earlier in the week and used a bucket of left over interior latex paint, and a roller to give a primer/base coat. Just got the paint this week, and need to get it done before the end of the month, so I feel some urgency.

I propped them up against the wall this morning to start the sketching in designs and recruited a friend to help me get the painting done. Our county agent had put a generic email out at least a month ago, asking for someone to do some 'art.' I don't consider myself skilled, unless it is house painting, which I will readily volunteer to help with. Causing me to tell people I am a Trained Professional, with Limitations.

The two big paintings are to be used at the Insectival at Oxbow Meadows Nature Center in mid July, down on the south side of town. It is part of the Columbus State University campus, located near the Chattahoochee River. I've not ever attended the annual event, but it is well publicized and attended. Lots of bugs to inspect, hold, learn about, get up close and personal. Which explains why I've not ever wanted to attend.

My part is to paint the two big sheets of cardboard with something 'nature like', that people/kids can stand behind and put faces in ovals to have photos made. I started off thinking I would do a field of sunflowers, but soon decided that is way to detailed and time consuming. So, onto Plan B. A lady bug and a butterfly. Making pretty good progress. Worked on them for about five hours today, and probably half done.

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