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Sunday, June 12, 2016
... really just a couple of little oddball things I have not had reason to think about before. But did on the trip to south GA for the wedding in Thomasville. I'll wager they will be things you too will now be including on your list.

Aren't you glad that was not you or your loved one, out there in the hot June sunshine, wearing a bright orange 'county property' jumpsuit, trudging along the median, picking up trash?

And when not out there in the fresh air and sunshine (still in your orange jumpsuit), incarcerated?

Plus there are so many others, we seldom take the time to appreciate: Aren't you thankful to live in a snug/warm or adequately ventilated house? With utilities you can pay regularly to insure that you are warm or cool as the seasons change? And  not living in a mobile home? Or a trailer park?

Are you sufficiently thankful for electricity? And the ability to pay for it so you can flip a switch at your convenience? To keep your refrigerator running, or lights going, or air conditioning/ceiling fans working, or providing hot water on demand?

Good health?

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