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rearanging things...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
... that flower bed across the front of the house. Continually thinking that relocating this or adding that will improve the looks of the place. Working at having various and sundry that will bloom all summer, from spring into the fall, which is actually three seasons rather than just 'all summer'. Hoping to have colorful and appealing things pollinators will find attractive to lure them into my yard. Wanting to have blooming things from the time the earliest things like hyacinth bulbs show up until the first frost comes along and turns it all brown.

I try so hard to resist buying plants that won't come back a second season, and generally able to control myself. Until the first humming bird comes whizzing past. Causing me to make a beeline to the nearest garden shop (sadly: wally world) to buy red blooming pentas and salvia. Anything to make the hummers happy. I can mostly control myself, but that first humming bird does me in every single time. Quick! Plant red things.!

Today I was rearranging the fox glove. Several plants that went into the bed a couple of years ago have surprised me by reproducing and making babies. They are right up against the front wall of the house, as they get tall and spike-y when they bloom. Other wise pretty nondescript plant-wise. I started them from seed, and admit to being pretty impressed with myself for having the patience (as well as unexpected success) of sprouting and growing in little pots. Then I surprised myself even  more, by keeping them watered so they would survive and thrive. They were not happy in their first location, probably not enough sun, but seem to be doing well now. So much so - that I divided some of the biggest plants to spread them all the way to the corner. Hope they will be happy.

Then I moved some gaura. Planted out near the fence, a little farther away from the house. I think I planted those a couple of years ago, and gave them attention, feeding and watering all last summer to get them started. But it  appears the deer have found them, and enjoyed some tasty morsels. If they are closer to the house, maybe they will get enough size on them to bloom, instead of being grazed down to a nub.

And finally, planted some penstemon that has been in containers since last summer. Bought at the greenhouse at Perimeter College in Decatur. I divided when I bought a couple of pots that had more than one plant, and now have six, that survived the winter and just got planted today. They are pretty hardy and with watering, will probably do well, though not sure they will get enough sun.

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