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garden party...

Saturday, June 4, 2016
... was a charming event. And since I did not know what to expect, I went prepared for most anything. She did say when the off-hand invite was issued that it would be the '4 C's: crackers, cheese, champagne and conversation. We have gardening in common, so I assumed it would be out in the world, as she has worked to landscape in her personal space. I know she she has enjoyed 'therapy' of hole digging and planting things, and recently moved into house that needed lots of exterior attention.

I accidentally encountered C. when she was shopping and I was on the job. We had such a good time talking a co-worker told me to get back to work. In the course of our (abbreviated) conversation she asked if I would like to come and see her on-going project and participate in a little party fare. I admitted I do not have a social life, and was delighted to be invited. So, putting on a clean shirt (having left work only an hour prior to the arrival time) I went to see all those beautifully blooming variegated hostas, gorgeous ferns, prolific hydrangeas, lush ground covers, hardy day lilies and drool with envy.

Some of which she reported as having transplanted from a relative's house when they were relocating, so they were good sized healthy plants when she put them in. And some that got rearranged from other places in the landscaping when she bought the house. All beautiful, obviously well tended, with some mature plants while others were more recently planted and just getting acclimated to their new environment.

After walking around and getting the tour of the landscaping, we went in the house for the Four Cs. I declined an adult beverage, as I would be driving myself home, but did enjoy the other three. Had a good time with C. and her other guest, enjoyed tasty cheeses and crackers as well as adult conversation. They both love books. Yay! People who read and like to talk about things they enjoyed enough to recommend.

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