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tired from...

Saturday, June 18, 2016
one end to the other. I went in to work at 6 am, and left there at 7:24 pm. It's been a long day. And I dont' much feel like I really got anything accomplished. But was on my feet and in motion the entire time, so I am certain I was productive.

Part of that time, four hours in the middle of the twelve was devoted to 'manning' the demo. Where I was giving away samples of fresh berries for the company wide promotion of the Berry Festival.  All the summer berries are on sale this week. While I was giving passersby little plastic cups with a tiny spoon and a bit of fresh strawberry shortcake, I made myself one of the most popular people in the store for several hours.

We all had to wear purple aprons  with Berry Bash stitched on the front today day. The guys hated it. Claiming it clashed with their ugly green shirts. Well, yeah, so what?

The most interesting piece of information/trivia I picked up from the printed matter we were  meant to absorb and share with customers is about blackberry juice. It seems the United States Department of Agriculture uses the juice to apply inspection stamps to meat as it is approved for public consumption. I was so surprised to learn this - then equally surprised that I never thought to wonder what they have been using all this time that would be organic, biodegradable and safe to apply to raw meats. Now you know....

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