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book reveiw: "Cormac"...

Saturday, June 4, 2016
...by Sonny Brewer.  Read by the author, who tells of his family life in a wee little town in the hot humid, gloriously fragrant South. You can be assured the accent you will hear if you choose the 'talking book' version will lift your spirits, as you hear him drawl out the words of his story. About 'a boy and his dog', except for the fact that Sonny is a grown man, with two young sons and a business in beautiful downtown tiny Fairhope, Alabama.

As you might expect, in order for the book to be named for the dog, and have a plot, the canine goes on a walk-about and Sonny spends hours, days, weeks, months, hundreds of dollars and untold anguish in pursuit. You know before you get started that this loving, happy family needs to have a good outcome at the end of the book. It's really just a matter of waiting for the dog to be reunited with his anxious family.

The story unfolds as Brewer tells of the search, as he comes to realize Cormac is not the family pet, but truly a 'one-man' dog. Cormac loves the entire family, but his devotion is obviously focused on Sonny. Brewer tells of the thoughtful encouraging support he finds, in the devoted concern of friends, people who willingly get involved in the process.

Light reading, something just randomly come across in the library, but a sweet enjoyable read. Good for taking on vacation, sitting on the back deck with a lemonade, or on the sand chair under the shade of the big beach umbrella. You will be rooting for a happy ending from page one, and will not be disappointed.

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