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painting project..

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
...in my carport will hopefully get completed today. There is a sense of urgency to get finished, as it is needed in early July. There is also a donated wooden pallet I would like to paint today, to have it looking like an American flag. I saw one in recent travels and thought it amusing, wanting one for myself, but at the best price ever: free.

I see the wooden pallets all the time in the stock room at work, but thought it likely I would get nailed for theft. Not specifically shoplifiting, but some form of dishonesty, as a co-worker is convinced management guys are wattching me like a hawk, awaiting any minor infraction. Though I did approach someone I work with who has a pickup truck about delivering a pallet to my house, we decided that absconding with shipping materials from the loading dock would indicate poor decision making skills.

After asking around, I found one, and someone who would bring it to my house, thinking it would not fit in the back of my little Toyo. It has been sitting in the carport for a week, awaiting my paint brush. The friend who came last week to help with the project for the county agent is coming back today to help get that done. So I am going to go, right now, and get a primer coat on the rough wood of the pallet slats, let it dry, and come back with red and blue to make it patriotic.

I'm so excited! When it is finished, my plan  is to prop up against a tree out by the driveway, so everyone - hundreds and hundreds of vehicles that pass my house every day - can see my wooden, homemade flag. Wondering if I should chain it to the tree to keep it in place? People will walk off with anything these days... Check back later for photo!

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