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waiting for...

Monday, June 27, 2016
...my resourceful friend, the Smartest Person I Know. Who is coming to help me with a little project that involves some figuring. Which I admittedly do very poorly. She is usually the person I recruit when I am baffled and bamboozled by numbers.

I've gotten the tax bill for homestead in Brooks County, and feel like it is excessive. I always feel like the amount the county wants to charge for property taxes is excessive, but refusing to pay is so absurd, foolhardy and pointless that is not an option. Trying to appeal the expense is probably equally pointless, but it is not my nature to sit quietly and do nothing. There is a small degree of  latent non-compliance in my personality, not much noticeable, but occasionally the spark comes in contact with tinder and will burst into flame.

(As evidenced in my months-long efforts to have my job class changed from one that is a dead-end to something marginally better. Where there is a tiny little crack for improving financial circumstances, as opposed to working till the building falls down with no possibility of a pay increase. Hope springs eternal, right?)

I need help in deciding if an appeal, putting forth the effort to ask that the value of the property be re-considered, and possibly reducing the appraised value to lower the taxes would be appropriate. I'm not at all knowldegeable about the appraised value of the surrounding property, what other homes nearby are worth. Which is where the help, guidance, moral support of the friend comes in. We did this some years ago, looking at other nearby pieces of real estate to determine if other homes had increased in value, and taxation. I'm hoping for the best, but when it comes to taxes, there is small possibility of relief, and very little likelihood of a decrease. Arggghhh....

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