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a multiplicity of millipedes...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
... on the kitchen floor this morning. I had to get the broom out before I left to go to work. I picked up the first ones, bravely pinching them between my thumb and finger, and depositing in the trash. But when I turned around and saw at least six others, decided to get out the cleaning tools and make short work of the creepy crawling things.

Then before I could get the broom back to the pantry, there were more. I swept up over a dozen, still inching their way across the tiles. They were headed away from the pantry, so I still wonder if they are coming through some min-ute, nearly indiscernible crack in the wall. I will go get the bug spray and do an inspection on the outside to see if I might solve the problem and prevent them from inching their way inside.

How can something be completely harmless and such a major nuisance at the same time?

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