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it was so amusing...

Monday, June 27, 2016
... I laughed at myself. Could not decide if it would be better to have witness, so there would be someone nearby who could take a photo to document the foolishness. Providing clear, irrefutable proof of a crazy person to add to the blog. Or not have any witnesses at all, so no one would be falling out of the chair from an overabundance of hilarity.

I wanted to stake up some tomato plants that have gotten too vine-y, and needed to be tied up. But the stakes were so long, probably eight feet, that I could not reach high enough to hammer them in the ground by the tomatoes. So I had to get the ladder to stand on for reaching the top of the stake to pound it in the dirt.

I stood there on the top of the little three step ladder and had a good laugh. Then proceeded to pound the stakes. Finally got them tied up, but still tickled to picture me: there on the top of the ladder reaching up with the hammer to the top of the wooden stake, pounding away.

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