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probably too hot...

Friday, June 24, 2016
... is what I may have got, when working in the yard this morning. It started off as a really pleasant day, with a nice breeze blowing, and moderate temp. By midday, and with several hours of exertion, my face looks like a real live action-packed firework. Bright red from the heat.

I feel really productive. On a roll with my wheelbarrow! (Get it?) The tree trash pick-up is an ongoing, never ending project. It should happen much more frequently than it does, but the seriously satisfying stacks of sticks and limbs up by the street after I dumped each load is well worth the effort. I am so pleased with my morning's work, I am (almost) reluctant to have the city come by with that big dump truck equipped with a monstrous 'grabber' to remove the trash.

We had a bad windstorm recently, with lots of people having large branches, limbs, and tree tops break off, resulting in big piles of trash yard debris. So the extra charge they usually require to pick up big stuff has been suspended for two weeks. Normally big things have to be cut into smaller slices, making tree trunks easily moved, loaded by the big grabber arm. So even though I am vainly pleased with my accomplishment, hopefully the city will come by and remove my evidence without extra fee.

Even though it's quite impressive, up there near my newly installed pallet flag, you will not see a picture of trash. Due to the nature of refuse looking so much like trash, it is virtually unnoticeable. And who wants to look at someone else's trash, right? Plenty of that along the right-of-way from litterbugs!

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