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you will, i am sure..

Friday, May 6, 2016
...think this is disgusting. Right, you are. But before you say 'ewwww' and think I am perfectly awful, you need to consider that everyone of them is dead: roaches.  All are deceased, though I have found one lying around on the floor nearly every morning. They are  nearly dead', like in the Princess Bride when the Billy Crystal character gets out the forge billows and pumps life back into the 'almost dead' person in the movie.

So ... yes, I do find them, in all sizes, more often that not with their feet up in the air. Giving me the creeps, making me say 'ick', but thankful they are not moving. Reminding me of armadillos you see after a dramatic change in the weather along side the roadway. Where they have been roaming in the dark and wandered onto the pavement.  All deceased, rolled over on their backs with legs pointing skyward.

The deadness is due to their foolishly snacking on those little boric acid tabs that are in all the corners of the kitchen. Placed strategically along the baseboards near the door/entry points, and other places where they skitter about in the dark. It obviously works, even though I do not like the necessity of having the little white dime sized tablets in all the nooks and crannies where the nasty things might roam. It doesn't really matter that they are deceased - they are still nasty, nasty, nasty.

One of the hazards of living out here in the woods, on this lot with all the trees and leaf mulch, I guess. If the house were sealed up tighter, I don't think they would have as many places to access, but that too has its' on hazards. So I will live with the nasty, nasty, nasty and sweep them up to deposit in the trash each morning. Now that I consider - I don't think they were nearly as common, seen so frequently when we had cats... so wonder if the felines enjoyed them as playthings before the creeping things could get inside/

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