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another one...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
...of those days where crazy me drove to south GA and back, spending more time on the road than actually being there. I got up at 5, to be on the road by 6. Arriving in Valdosta around 9, to visit my auntie. Which is definitely a story for another day as I am not at all sure how to describe that experience. And on to a luncheon at noon, after a stop in the cemetery with my weed spraying juice to kill all the grass runners that have grown up on the stone markers of my forebears. Left there about 1:30, and back in town by 4:30.

Picked up my friend who volunteers with me at the Rivercenter, for us to be downtown to be our polite little selves, handing out programs and greeting attendees for the annual Page One awards. Where the most outstanding seniors of all the high schools in the area are recognized as being the very best at what they do, acknowledge the best and brightest of each school.

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