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pardon me...

Saturday, May 14, 2016
...please forgive my potty mouth, when I said 'holy s#$t'! I went out in the yard when it was really too dark to see, but wanted to look (pretty foolish, I know). I had just sat down on  my front stoop, near the door, where there is only one small step, but I had been puttering around, getting things done and rewarded myself with a cold beer.

Right there, just off the short narrow walkway between the concrete apron of the driveway and the little stoop, is a small space where I have planted many agapanthus. I wanted to count, and see how many blooms have popped up on long narrow stems, ready to burst open. I think fourteen but you know how math-impaired I am so  that is just a rough estimate. Some are just barely starting to open up, from a covering that is very similar to how onions bloom, so hopefully tomorrow there will be some starting to show color. I am so excited. See how little it take for me to get antsy and enthused about anticipating an impending event?

Then I remembered I had divided the bulbs several years ago, donated a few to the botanical gardens plant sale, and relocated others to the north side of the house. Thought I should go out there where the more recently planted one are to see were there any buds thinking about opening. Nothing going on there, but they are in more shade than those near the front door, so maybe a little slow to show off.

When I started back inside: (remember it is nearly too dark to see)  I noticed something 'odd' near the French doors that open onto the porch. So I turend on the porch light, that was surprisingly, disappointingly dim and could not tell what I was looking at. Went down the hall to get a flash light and back out the door. And discovered a snake. Only about eight inches long. But definitely a snake. Can not say what kind it was. A snake is a snake, right? I got the broom and swept him off the porch. He thought to go under a door mat, but I told him he did not live there, and proceeded to sweep it out into the flower bed.

I hope it is friendly, and slow growing, or on it's way to Canada, where it will have lots of company when the Republican candidate for president turns out to be a nutcase..

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