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a friend has a calendar...

Friday, May 20, 2016
... family gives her each year with photos of grandkids. Lots of cute children, doing fun things together with their grandma. Vacations to Disneyworld, Christmas, birthday parties, winter ski trips, and all those sweet mundane daily things in between the highlights. Those ordinary events like picnics in the park,  swimming in the summer, as well as family gatherings that used to be deliberate 'photo ops' before everyone had a camera in every phone in each  pocket.

I noticed her calendar a couple of weeks ago, and commented on it. Telling her that I too have a neat calendar that has fun memories attached. One of my favorite people, who is 'guilty as charged', with cell phone constantly within arms' reach has a snapfish calendar made for a Christmas gift each December. With photos from travels, fun and funny things we have done together.

The one currently on the wall in my kitchen has lots of pictures from the trip we made last August to Washington State. With memories attached to each page of beautiful photos: bonsai garden, driving up through the forest to Mt. Rainier, mountain wildflowers with glaciers in the background, Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR., sunset at Haystack Rock on the Pacific Ocean, Rose test garden in Portland. The mighty, vast Columbia River flowing from the Rockies into the sea. And the view from the dock of a little lake house east of Seattle where we spent a couple of nights, generously hosted by friends who live in WA. I enjoy thinking of those people and places every time I look at the photos, and reminiscing of great amusement with family and friends.

The thing about photos people take every day: they might get shared on facebook, or sent as an electronic attachment. But rarely printed and practically never put out for repeated viewing. So having them printed where I can look at them, enjoy remembering, and smiling with memory is a real treat.

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