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trivia about travels...

Saturday, May 28, 2016
...even though I am not yet back to the starting point. I left home very early on Friday morning, to drive to SC and visit my pen pal who lives in Greenville. A friend I try to go up and visit on a monthly basis. He is in his nineties, so I know there will come a time when I want to go and spend the day and he won't be around any more, so I make an effort to get there frequently. Plus a favorite cousin who lives nearby and will usually allow me to invite myself to come and spend the night in her spare bedroom.

Getting on the road soon after five a.m., to make the four hour drive, skirting around the awful mess of Atlanta metro traffic during the morning chaos. It was not nearly as bad anticipated, as I tend to paint a picture of bumper to bumper vehicles, twelve lanes across, creeping along at thirteen mph. But it was relatively easy, though nothing for me is 'easy' about the stress of driving in the city. I was in Greenville in about four hours, and enjoyed a nice visit with my friend. I stopped along the way at a Wallyworld to purchase a plant to give him - something that will bloom all summer long.

I also took him a five gallon bucket with a tomato plant in it. I'd put it in a container with drainage holes several weeks ago, with plans to take and share when I could make the trip to SC.  He used to enjoy gardening, and I know he does not have the energy to do the prep., cultivation required to grow vegetables now. I thought he would enjoy watering and watching this little 'Husky' grow. Hope it will do well in his yard, and he will enjoy some fresh grape tomatoes as it starts producing in a few weeks.

During the day he wanted to go to Wallyworld to look at lawnmowers, so we took a drive. I told him he did not need to be mowing his yard, that he has too many great grandchildren who would/could do that for him. But he seems to think he can buy a 'self-propelled' and get the job done. Mr. Ninety-three Years Old does not need to be pushing a lawn mower in the hot August sun.

Had a nice visit with my cousin, and some good laughs. Got to see current photos of cute grandkids, and catch up on news. I knew I would get up very early to return to Decatur today, on the road by 6 a.m. And stopped on the east side of town to get a birthday gift for a six year old we would see today.  We had been invited to a family birthday party for a four year old this morning who was visiting his grandmother. And went to the party this afternoon for the girl who has had about four parties already to celebrate being six.

So that makes three trips to Wallyworld in 24 hours. And two birthday parties in one day. I need a nap.

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