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the man who cooked....

Saturday, May 14, 2016
...Mother's Day dinner, needs to be recognized. Even though he did not actually do the cooking, I need to be sure he gets credit for effort and good intentions. Because when I got off work last Sunday after working about thirteen hours, he provided the dinner for exhausted Me.

I wobbled out across the parking lot and got in my car, desperate to sit down and get off my weary feets. As soon as I got in my car, I called and asked him where he wanted to meet me to eat. I had not had anything particularly nourishing since eating a bowl of cereal before going in to be at work at 6:00. So tired and hungry. He said: your dinner is here on the kitchen counter.

You have no idea how unusual that is. Most days I come home and throw a meal together, pulling things out of the freeze and out of the fridge, off the pantry shelf to put a meal on the table in about thirty minutes. Those things that used to be called 'TV Dinners'? and are now microwave meals?  I can add something to that to make it a more-or-less balanced meal and be sitting down to eat in half an hour.

So the idea that he had cooked? Amazing! The idea that he might be thinking of someone else? Baffling! The possibility that he had put together a meal and HE had food waiting for me? Unbelievable! As well as a complete fabrication.

What he did do was think ahead. Think about me, who had worked over twelve hours on Saturday, and gone back Sunday to do it again. So when he went to get himself something to eat he got me food too. He had a sub. sandwich. And brought me a takeout box full of rice, veggies and diced chicken. I was so hungry, so tired, so glad to have food I did not have to think about!  And there was so much in the Styrofoam container, it was two meals.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. And thanks again.

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