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giving the man a ride...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
...when he needed to get to his appointment at the cancer center. I get emails several times each week, but cannot often help out with getting patients to where they need to be, as my work schedule is so random and unpredictable from week to week. I worked a half day today, so had the afternoon off and was able to go down to the south side of town and pick up a man who had an appt. for lab work.

I'd called him yesterday to be sure I knew where he lived, get some additional information for getting to his residence. And said I would try to be there by one o'clock to get him to the 1:30 appointment. As it turned out I was a bit early, though I worked an hour later than scheduled. Mr. George directed me to the most direct route for getting through traffic and delivering him to the lab. Even though his time was set for 1:30, because we were a little early in arriving, he was out the door and back on the way home by 1:38. Completely uneventful trip.

A really pleasant, talkative, friendly, interesting man. Mr. George has a really good attitude, and I told him he did not act or sound like a man in poor health. He seemed to me like he has a remarkably upbeat attitude for some one who has had surgery and now going through the misery of chemotherapy to try to beat the big C. I enjoyed the time I spent with him, and thankful I could be a factor in making his stressful life a little easier.

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