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there is this oddball....

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
... customer who comes in occasionally at my work place. Someone who is obviously not quite right. Needing more help than I could possibly provide, and more attention than I am willing to give. He is an acquaintance of my favorite co-worker, who seems to be a remarkably easy touch, often the guy who props up any number of employees in times of financial distress. I give him grief about it all the time - saying he does not need to be supporting all those dependents who have full time jobs and sufficient income to be solvent, if not capable of budgeting.

But I just did it too. That goof ball came by, looking for the guy he knows as an 'easy touch'. But Mr. Easy was not at work today, and he found me instead. The story I heard was that he needed a 'ten spot' to get his prescription meds. If he is willing to get the Rx filled and take the drugs, who am I to say he can't. So I gave him the ten dollars he reportedly needed. I hope it went to get the needed meds., and maybe a little bit left over for something to eat.

He looks strange, acts strange, often makes no sense at all when he talks, but I think he means well.  Reports he has a 'job' working at a church, so it is apparent some other people are willing to show him a degree of kindness and goodwill. Due to his exceptionally disheveled appearance, it is not likely the man holds a 'meet the public' position, so I am guessing he does handyman/janitorial work. And there, but for the grace of God, go I....

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