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friday night...

Monday, May 2, 2016
at the local Relay for Life event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. I went in support of P., who was there in support of her friend J. Though I have not attended one of these events before, I quickly realized there is likely no one on the planet who has not been affected by the big C. Everyone of us has had family or friends, coworkers or neighbors who have been impacted by the ravages of this pervasive problem.

The impact is personal: my dad died from cancer, my favorite auntie was treated, and my spouse is a survivor. I realize none of us are promised tomorrow, or even the minutes to get back into bed at the end of this day here in early May. But I guess I had not considered how the people I know and love have struggled with trying to get away from it. I'm almost positive my first choice, with a diagnosis, would be: cut it out, cut it off, get it away from me!

The Relay was well attended. I would guess there were well over a thousand people there. Some fund-raising, some walking for family members, some there in support of friends and co-workers who continue to struggle through treatment. A number of corporate sponsors helped to fund this event. Lots of church groups  and schools there with banners to show their support. I wondered: surprised that the company I work for had no visible representation there. The corporation loves to get positive community recognition, and has advertised plans for the charitable arm of the business to donate a million dollars to Habitat for Humanity. Highly admirable, their willingness to provide financial support, man power to help with builds across the southeast, furnish pantries of completed homes.

But I am almost certain that every life of every member of the organization, from board members down to carry out workers have some connection to people who have been impacted by cancer. I'll see what I can do to stir the pot. As gung-ho as they are about 100% support of the United Way Annual Fundraising campaign, I have to think - we should be no less active and involved in fighting the big C.

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