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planting the tomatoes...

Monday, May 2, 2016
...done! It's about all I have accomplished today, but I got them all in the dirt. Started with six (having found pots at the garden shop that had two per pot) and put two of them in the actual garden. The others are in containers. Two went in the planter that was sent by the folks in VA, like the one they had on their deck last summer. (I thought there were two of the big rectangular planters in the box, but there was only one.) The other two, one a grape variety, the other that is supposed to bear yellow fruit, went into the garden where there are five others I planted several weeks ago.

And the other two, the ones found over the weekend, that I had been searching for that are supposed to be so prolific: Husky. Planted in five gallon buckets that have drainage holes drilled in the bottom. I had to stop and mix up some dirt, the special home-made recipe, with peat moss, vermiculate, Osmocote, compost. I'd tried years ago to grow tomatoes in buckets, with only marginal success, and concluded it was because the roots could not grow due to limited space. Without the root system to support the plant, the fruit just never got any size. Could not grow big fat juicy tomatoes with a limited root space.

I'm hoping starting off with a plant that was designed to produce thumb sized fruit, there will be lots of them, as a result of really good dirt and plenty of water. Looking forward to lots of good salads with fresh homegrown tomatoes in it.

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