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a classic example...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
.. of why the USPS seems to reek of inefficiency and seems on the verge of perpetual bankruptcy. This comes as a report on the branch of the Post Office in Decatur in the Kirkwood area. My source is pretty well informed, and can be considered fairly trustworthy, reliable.

The sign on the door, for all to see and the literate to read before they entered the lobby, indicated that there were no stamps available for purchase. I assume this sign referred to the ones that are most in demand, the commonly requested first class stamps available on a small rectangular sheet of 20. So if you were paying attention when you came in the door, before you went into the area of the building where you would go to mail packages or make purchases, you would know there were no stamps.  But for whatever reason, patrons seemed to be particularly obstinately illiterate and unwilling to either read the sign or comprehend.

So highly irate individuals who were potential package mailers and stamp buyers continually came in the door, asking for something that could not happen. The clerk is a man with a reputation for being disagreeable and profoundly unconcerned about customer service.  The only thing the post office does is sell stamps, and provide postage to insure delivery letters and parcels - and they were OUT of stamps.

This is what he was reportedly telling customers who would have entered the building to make purchases necessary to have their correspondence and packages delivered in a timely manner: 'I am not in charge of inventory. I am not in responsible for ordering inventory. I am not in charge of receiving inventory  So I am not responsible for the fact that you cannot purchase inventory as you intended.'

The general consensus seems to be he could not possibly have cared less.  I seriously doubt 'caring' is anywhere in the job description. Which seems to pretty well sum up why the USPS is in such dire straits, right?

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