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filling balloons with helium...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
...at work yesterday. For a customer with had a friend coming up on her 21st birthday. Pretty big deal for those anticipating the day that you are suddenly a Grown Up person. But in reality, like most of those milestone events we so gleefully await: Prom, high school graduation, once it is over you are suddenly: So? Now what????

The customer asked if it would be possible to insert cash into the balloons before they were filled and tied off. I said sure! And helped her with rolling up 21 five dollar bills to slip into the neck of the latex balloons before I filled them and tied with a length of ribbon. What a neat, clever, unusual, welcome gift! How thoughtful. Who would not be delighted to get: a) this huge festive bouquet of balloons and b) a gift of $100 cash!

I can't say I was that clever (or generous) when daughters turned sixteen. But do hope that they think of that day as memorable, when they got to the end of the school day, and walked to the car they were 'forced' to share. There was the little red Ford Taurus filled with inflated balloons. I had blown up hundreds of multi-colored balloons, and took them to the parking lot after classes started, and filled the car to the brim. Or maybe they were not so very amused. But I thought it was pretty dang funny.

Especially the part where I taped a long hat pin to the window so they could pop all the balloons as  came cascading out when they opened the doors. Wishing I had a photo of them being both hilariously amused and mortified by their mom at the same time.

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