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it appears to be...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
...another of those weeks where this part-timer will be as close of Full as one can get without tipping the scale. Inching up on forty, and it's only Wednesday. So it is a safe assumption that the past weekend was another that had too many too long days of tired feets in it.

I just came back from the Wed. night community group, where we are watching a series of taped talks by Andy Stanley from Atlanta.  The overall topic is 'Defining Moments', and the subject for tonight was Nicodemus. A recurring character in the New Testament story. Really interesting how Andy tied it all together.

Though it is relatively superficial compared to the lesson from tonight's Bible Study, thinking about the topic of the series made me think about my feet. And an incident recently that could be considered as a 'defining moment' in my work life. I was so weary, barely hobbling, after putting in a excessively long day. Constantly in motion, steadily working, standing for hours and hours on the concrete floor. It might have been that recent holiday weekend when eight hours stretched into twelve or thirteen.

Late in the day, so ready to go home and prop my feet up, give my tired legs a rest. And saw a woman in a wheel chair at the checkout who had no feet. If that don't make you thankful for tired feet I don't know what will...

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