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more good cheap entertainment...

Friday, May 13, 2016
...right there in my own yard. Across the space of a small oval shaped lawn on the north side of the house. Looking out past the ferns ruffling in the breeze, and the hydrangeas thinking about blooming. To a large shallow round container that is usually filled with about an inch of water.

Where I have seen several birds joyously splashing while I have been sitting here typing. A blue jay, a cardinal, and what might be a brown thrasher (which is Georgia's state bird). They look like they are having a glorious time in the makeshift bird bath. When thirsty plants get watered, I try to clean and refill that shallow metal dish as well. Making a place for local wildlife to drink and refresh. Hoping to do it frequentlyenough that it gets dumped and refilled before mosquito larva have time to hatch, buzz, use their little sharp probes to suck my blood.

Have not seen little mammals drinking, things that skitter around in the leaf mulch like chipmunks and squirrels. But I have seen evidence in the bottom of the wide flat basin that raccoons use it to wash their food prior to consumption. Tiny little scratchy paw marks, similar to a wee hand that would dip into the water to clean a bug, bulb, or acorn before eating. Too funny, cute and sweet.

I like to believe there is some value of being a 'friend' to wildlife. By providing water, cover for them to hide, feel safe. Encouraging an environment where they can be somewhat protected that will allow them to hang around. This from the person who stops in the middle of the roadway to pick up turtles either getting them out of traffic, or bring them home to set free in the woods. Hoping they mosey down the hill into the undergrowth and out of sight, set up housekeeping near the creek.

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