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it's been long...

Sunday, May 8, 2016
...and hard to be on my feet at work over the past couple of days. Going in before daylight and getting home, so weary it was all I could do to get myself in the house.  I actually laid down on the couch yesterday as soon as I got home, and immediately took a nap. Over the past two days, I have put in nearly 25 hours. Sounds like a lot for a part-time employee?

The good news in all of this is that I am on the schedule to work four more days this week. And due to being there so long over the past two days, they will have to cut me back at some point. Looking forward to having an opportunity to goof around in my pajamas till noon when the opportunity occurs.

Thankful for: smart, capable, sweet, compassionate daughters.
Thankful for health to go to work and stand on my poor tired feets for twelve hours.
Thankful for feets. Some people don't have feets.
Thankful for a relatively healthy body that mostly can be depended upon to do what I want it to.

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