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there is not much amusing...

Friday, April 28, 2017
... about aging. Not many positive things to be said about the process of failing body parts. Even though humans were designed to wear out, it is not such great fun to make appointments, spend time in waiting rooms, seeking advice from people who barely look old enough to be driving. Then be offered various items to support weakened joints, Rx to alleviate misery, opportunity for exercises, rehab. to strengthen the ailing parts.

But at last, there is some benefit to getting older: I find myself much more willing to admit to foibles, doing dumb stuff, finding the humor or irony in something foolish and confessing goofiness. Years ago, I would never have voluntarily 'told tales' on myself. Plus would likely have lied/denied if asked by someone who wanted to confirm.  Now: I was not even annoyed when I discovered my mistake, but immediately began reporting another time of nutty behavior.

Here's what happened: I am determined to get the minimum number of days working as a sub. teacher for the public schools before the last day on May 26. I was hoping to get some work today, and maybe a couple next week to be sure I was covered. I found a job for today that was only for half a day, which suited me beautifully now that I know that 1/2 day is counted as 'having worked' towards the ten day quota.

I got organized and went to the school, to arrive at 12:15 for that half day of work. When I found the Kindergarten Teacher who had requested a warm body to fill her position, she said: "It's not for today!" I was two weeks early. She had put in the request for Friday, May 15.

It was sort of amusing. I felt kind of foolish,  and of course, thoroughly embarrassed. I told her about the time I went to the wrong school and confused every one in office, trying to figure out who I was replacing and where I was supposed to be. Saddest part is that I have a conflict for that date two weeks hence. Now I will have to decide whether to give the job back or miss a once-a-month ladies luncheon.

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