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good amusement...

Sunday, April 9, 2017
... in the city, partially due to my clever traveling companion having the subway map right there in her pocket on her cell phone. When I finally, finally, finally got to the airport in NYC, she was there, waiting on me. Had actually been waiting for hours, due to the nearly five hour delay in taking off from Hartsfield in Atlanta. I knew I could just 'sit tight' until she could get there, but there was no sitting, or waiting on my part: P. was right there, smiling.

She had already purchased our passes to get on the subway, and had actually been 'practicing' her maneuvering skills, by finding her way from the hotel where she had reservations, across town to LaGuardia Airport.  We bought subway tickets that would actually be good for a week, after she did her research and found that to be the best value. Her transportation from upstate where she attended work conference brought her into town, actually put her out at the hotel, where she left luggage. Then she figured out all the 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' (remember that really awful movie withCandy/Steve Martin movie?) to be there to meet the postponed flight.  We did all that in reverse  after I arrived, and eventually got back to the Pennsylvania Hotel, located on Penn. Ave., near Madison Square Gardens.

We were compelled to roam the streets, having put so much effort into actually getting there. And found a little 'pub' nearby where we ate dinner on our first day in the Big Apple. So... that was the adventure for Wednesday, living in a hotel room a little bigger than your average walk-in closet + bathroom. Completely suitable for our needs - just a place to park our gear and sleep. 

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