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little birdies...

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
.. have hatched out in both the nests I have been trying to not peek into. I could not resist temptation any longer, and got out the step ladder to peer in today. Both had tiny little grey fuzzballs with bright yellow beaks, soundly sleeping.  There were, when I got nosey several weeks ago, five little blue eggs in each nest, so I hope that they all successfully hatched.

When all you can see is a pile of dark fluff, it is hard to know how many you are looking at. But when they get a little bigger, and open their mouths every time they hear a sound, it is much easier to count. Those wobbly scrawny little necks that do not look substantial enough to support their teeny little heads with those demanding mouths will soon be much more in evidence.

I heard and saw the mother of the ones precariously perched in the nest above the light fixture as I was mounting the ladder to peek in. She was pretty vocal about not wanting me to get near her family. I did not touch anything, but she still kept a watchful eye, and made her opinion known.

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