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false alarm...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
... not changing cell phone service today. We are such hicks we do not get out after dark, and cannot make the drive across town taking the chance we would not return home until bedtime. No, not really. Sorry, I just made that up.

But what is real: The Man Who Lives Here would not get up out of the recliner to get in the car for the excursion until traffic got bad. Even though the congestion out there is not seriously bad. And inconsequential by the standards of anyone who lives in the metro Atlanta area, driving on highways that are twelve lanes wide. With everyone speeding along at eighty-plus mph.

But aggravating for people who do not routinely have to sit in line and wait for the light to change twice. Inching up in a half-mile line of cars, trucks and semi-s, trying to get through the intersection. I guess it happens in other areas of town, but us little country bumpkins are so unaccustomed to being inconvenienced by traffic of that magnitude we tend to just stay at home.

I do realize in the overall scheme of things this is extremely close to zero on the scale of traffic problems. But I even take a country road-route, around by my elbow, when I go to my Wed. night group to avoid that hellacious intersection with people leaving industrial park and corporate offices for home. As well as hundreds of folk who work in town headed out to our end of the county to the peace and quite of their version of country living.

We have negotiated a compromise whereby I will meet him at the Target tomorrow after I get off work. I'm not sure why I need to be there, as he as yet to consider my advice or opinion. Assume I need to present my phone to get service changed? My next project will be to suggest he does not need to be paying $200 a month to Media.com for cable and internet.

Wed. is another of those: show up in the dark, clock in at 6 am, and be done by 11:00 days. Causing me to wonder why I keep at it?

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