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new red chairs...

Saturday, April 1, 2017
...of which I am very fond. Sadly, the can in the photo is the last one of Pearl Lite in captivity, or at least east of the mighty Missisisppi River. Which can only mean, that it must be time to start planning a road trip to Texas for a fresh supply. Made and bottled/canned just up the street from the Alamo.

I deliberately arranged the pair of red chairs so they face the trees down the hill from the house, out in the back part of the lot. Where I can do whatever I want without anyone minding my business. I had lunch with a friend who agreed she was willing to be recruited to come out and sit with me, in my new chairs. Even though she cannot drink adult beverages with me, she said lemonade will suit her. I thought it was such a great idea, to have chairs, and a place to sit and enjoy the end of the day with a cold one, then I realized I don't have anyone who would come and drink with me... how sad?

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