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a tale for the telling...

Friday, April 14, 2017
... not a matter of any import, but a small story worthy of relating for the coincidences involved.  Not necessary to believe that 'fate' had a hand in the events, though there is most definitely a reason for everything that happens, and the sequence in which events occur. A little story to ponder...

I went to my regular Wednesday night community group. Generally a gathering of about a dozen people who meet in the home of a friendly couple who are always welcoming, with a love for their fellows as we meet and share joys and woes of daily life. The group met, and dispersed, I started home. Stopped at the grocery store, and proceeded on my usual route avoiding late afternoon traffic. The timing is portentous. I would not routinely be driving here, and rarely take this path home, but events collided to provide an unlikely meeting.

After the stop at the grocery store, I chose circuitous route I would not normally travel. Where I saw a young girl, teen-aged, walking along the side of the road with a large duffle bag slung on her back, a filled laundry basket on one hip, and purse over her shoulder. Obviously running away from something: likely an argument with her mom, probably over a guy they vehemently disagreed about. I turned around at the first opportunity and went back to say: 'Let me give you a ride.'

Her response was: 'I just need to use your phone'. I told her to get in the car and I would pull over a short distance up the road at a turn off for a subdivision, but I needed to get off the edge of the street. She got in and I drove on, pulled over and said: 'Do not laugh at my old school phone.' And passed it off to the girl. She made a call, saying 'come get me'. I told her I would take her to a nearby curb-store, and that person could meet her there.

We drove up the street to the well-lighted, populated area, and I pulled in. I asked if she had any money, and she said she did not - so I gave her ten bucks, saying: A girl needs some cash in her pocket. Then I said: "I am not going to ask you any questions, and don't want to know what is going on. But I need for you to let your mom know you are OK. I am a mom, and I would want to know that, so you need to let her know you are safe."

I left her there for the friend/boyfriend to pick her up. Knowing she was in a place where she would be safe until the person she called showed up to meet her. Do not know her name or any of the circumstances that had her walking down the road in a sparsely populated area in the near-dark. But I know how teenagers can be: impulsive and unreasonable, hostile when someone tries to give advice, control/protect them. In retrospect, I thought: that young girl could have been mine. Or years ago  - could have been me.

I know how frustrating raising teens can be, how demanding they are as they are exercising their desire to be independence. And how worried a mom can be about daughters associating with people that cause doubt and fear for the safety and well-being of a treasured child who thinks she is grown. I don't know that young girl's name, but God does. I hope she is safe, and warm, and cared for.

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