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recycling the tour bus tickets...

Monday, April 10, 2017

...when we still had a couple of hours before they expired. I though we should get back on the big red bus and take half the tour again, let them drive us down to the end of Manhattan where you need be to get on the ferry. We could see some of those same sights we failed to see clearly when we were on the bus the day before in the rain. And get to where we needed to be for the boat ride. Approach by boat is the only way to get to the Statue of Liberty, and you have to reserve tickets to get on the boat, more tickets to get in the Statue.

Play 'hurry up and wait', Get in line to go through a screening that is almost as thorough as what happens before boarding an airplane. Take jackets off, empty pockets, run your backpack and purse through the machine, and step into the area where your person gets scanned. Making you feel like a cartoon: the one where you see the complete insides of the character as if they were lighted from the inside. Sort of like that 'educational toy' that was popular for kids, called the 'Visible Man', with the form of clear plastic. You put the body together from inside out: skeleton, organs, veins, muscles, and finally the outer part that makes all those innards look human. I've been scanned and inspected so much lately, I feel like I should be auditioning for the part as the model for the 'visible woman'.

I can always expect to be pulled aside and poked more thoroughly due to metal in knee brace. I thought about putting it in the carry-on instead of wearing it on my leg, but decided that would make it even more 'suspect', look like I was trying to smuggle something. Just excessively suspicious - which is not beneficial to travel. I do my best to that process as simple and smooth as possible - but find that my progress is much improved by the wearing of that knee brace. Which means I should always expect to be pulled aside, asked to have the brace exposed, and checked for contraband.

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