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in the rainy big apple...

Thursday, April 6, 2017
...where cold and wet and sloppy has not stopped us from sightseeing and gawking like 'flat-landers' (as you might recall from the Snuffy Smith cartoons.) We got up and charged off into the chaotic, traffic filled streets of NYC after fortifying with a stop at Starbucks for steamy warm drinks and energy-boosting breakfast.

Spent most of the morning on the big red bus, hearing a very Brooklyn-sounding guy tell about the wonders of the city. The weather has been damp, rainy, windy, not conducive to viewing from the top of the topless bus. Tour bus provides ponchos! Made of plastic thin enough to wad the entire thing up in your fist, but perfectly waterproof.

But we've seen a lot of Manhattan, and now full of trivial bits of early history courtesy of our enthusiastic tour guide. Walking the streets with thousands of other people - most of whom seemed to be on a mission. And then there is us: bumbling and bumping along, stopping at intersections to study the map, figure if we should be going north or south? This way or that?  Overwhelmed by foot-traffic, passers-by, buses, delivery trucks, congestion, endless construction work, blocked streets, vendors with food stands on the sidewalks, hawkers selling umbrellas and tour bus 'deals'.

It is always presents a quandary to know what to pack when traveling: you just simply cannot plan or squeeze in enough for every contingency. I knew it would be cooler in the north: they are just starting to have spring here with daffodils blooming.  My thought is to add or discard layers,  so brought and applied enough clothing to be comfortable.  Thankfully adding a rain jacket with hood. Even though it has been either pounding rain, drizzling or just misty like walking through a cloud, and cold for exposed hands and face, I've not actually gotten wet.

Thanks, S., for the loan of a warm, fleece lined snug knit cap. With warm toasty head, it is been a really interesting day for the country bumpkin in the city. Looking forward to a clear sunny day tomorrow - we have tickets to take the ferry across the river to see the Statue and Ellis Island.

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