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so this is how it went...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
... on another day of getting up early.  I usually set my alarm for 5 to be walking out the door at 5:40 and in the door at work at 5:50'ish. So I did the usual, and was headed to Valdosta by 6.Knowing there is no way to get there in less than three hours, and was to be at attorney's office around 9'ish. 

I really like driving early in the day, getting out before the world awakens. Watching the sky get lighter, seeing the world begin to develop, as in watching a photo in the developing tray in a dark room - coloring up  and magically, mysteriously appearing out of the pitch black dark. Especially driving through south GA, piney woods, farm land, pastures, plowed fields. When the landscape is greening up with a thousand different shades and profusion of wild flowers along the right of way: pale pink primrose, brilliant yellow cosmos and coreopsis, strikingly bright purple native verbena creeping along the side of the highway.

I'd told the atty I would get to his office between 9 and 10, hoping/assuming I just needed to pick up paperwork and go to get fingerprints done. But he wanted to talk, so I spent the better part of an hour (and 250 bucks - the billing rate for his time) before I could get out and go give my prints at sheriff office. Sat in line of traffic in the street on the south side of town, and spent twice as much time waiting for the train with tank cars to pass by as it took once I got the the sheriff compound. Where they do not accept checks, to pay $15 and donate prints for background check.
Then went to talk to the social worker with the state who had been to visit the Auntie on Tues. aft., giving her the Cliff's Notes version of the past three years. The most interesting thing I learned from that is they apparently don't share information, talk to each other about cases because she knew nothing about all the other times Adult Protective Services had been called to interview/check on the Auntie. She was obviously fascinated by all the events unfolding, just like the script of a soap opera. And planned to go back to see her today, but did not expect her to have any memory of yesterday's visit.
Also discovered that as a last resort, if nothing else works to pry her loose from the house - we can complete a form with probate that will create a sort of chain reaction. With court approval, will result in EMS taking her to get a mental evaluation - a process that takes three days. I know it would be a terrible experience for the already sadly confused Auntie, but when she is stubbornly disagreeable refusing to cooperate or consider options, it is good to know that we do have some recourse- as that proverbial Last Resort.
Cuzzin F. is going to come to Columbus on Monday, and take a Tour of facilities. I will call around and get us appt. at some places so we can go and look at different options, ask questions, get info about pricing/levels of care for people with dementia that will inevitably get worse and worser.

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