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taking the bus...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

...is a great way to see the sights, especially in a new place. After our experience last summer, we concluded the best way to get the lay of the land is to get a ticket for a tour bus. The kind that goes in a loop, you can hop-on/hop-off as often as you want in a twenty-four hour period. The ticket is good for a full day. And we definitely got our full value from that purchase.

We learned last summer that the bus will have little earbuds for each passenger, and a place to plug in your listening device on the wall of the bus by your seat. I''d expected a recording, but in addition to a capable driver, we had a Brooklyn resident who had the script so well embedded in his head, he gave us a play-by-play as we rolled along. Adding lots of tid-bits of information he had gleaned over time, to fill our heads with trivial facts.

The weather: pretty rotten. But I was prepared: expecting cold and rainy, so I took layers and warm socks. If my feets are warm and dry, I can cope with most anything. We started off on the upper seating of the bus, even though it was a really soggy day. Half the seating is covered, but we soon discover that the places were the plexiglass is joined are going to drip and get  you quite wet. The tour company, in addition to earbuds, offers ponchos (keeps the wind out, as well as wet), so we did enjoy the chatty tour guide and ride.

Got off the bus during the loop, to track down a little pastry shop P. knew about, and stuffed our faces with freshly baked eclairs.  Oh, yum. We had talked about trying to get tickets to see a Broadway show, and hoped to find reasonably priced tickets. I'd heard it is possible to find people hawking  tickets on the sidewalk, so thought we should go to the theater. So pleased to find the box office of the theater, where tickets were considerably less than we had expected. Grinning with delight,  excited to think about seeing The Lion King with amazing costuming.

My resourceful traveling companion, with handy phone to look up all the Information available from the far reaches of the universe: found us a good place to go for dinner. Hibachi is a real treat, we both enjoyed the 'performance' as our chef cooked our food right there in the table while we watched. After eating too much, and brains full of all we tried to absorb while sightseeing, we were ready to crash.

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