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where we are...(update)...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
... is pretty much still in limbo. But think progress is occurring even when not so obvious to the naked eye. The latest report on the auntie situation is thus: we did a whirlwind tour yesterday, visiting five different places to get information about various facilities, options, levels of care and of course, the most needed piece of the puzzle would be cost.

I had called and made appointments to visit four of the five, and we just sort of dropped ourselves in on the fifth one. Knowing it was well out of the price range we felt appropriate, just wanting to sort of 'case the joint' and look around. A nice facility, but with residents sitting around in chairs seemingly inert. Sadly, that is par for late stage dementia, not unexpected for the declining path a person with memory loss will travel. Getting less and less physically active, less and less able mentally, eventually reaching the point being a bed patient.

Two of the four places we toured looked promising, like they were run and staffed by people who seemed to be invested and committed to their work. Which is saying a lot, as the job of caring for people on the decline, slipping away in increments is a really hard thing to be willing to do on a daily basis, week after week. One of the other places we visited, met with the director, and gave the a brief summary of our struggles with the auntie: we were told that she was probably not a good match as a resident. But the director referred us to one of the other places we had visited, that probably would have been my first choice (except for expense) as the place the auntie would most likely be content.

The limbo part is due to the fact that we do not know what her financial situation is like. And cannot access banking business until setting a date and attending probate. Where the judge will decide if there is sufficient grounds for family members to be appointed guardian and conservator. Allowing us to make decisions about her living situation/welfare, as well how her resources are to be used.

I expect we will be in court the middle of May, when the judge will hopefully make a decision, unless more information is needed.  The only blank not filled in at this point seems to be what color my underwear is, so

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