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planting lillies...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
...at the entrance to the golf course. When I asked the store manager about donating plants that would be discarded, he said: 'no'. The plants would have to go in the trash, rather than being recycled and put to use beautifying the world. I had hoped that things like bulb plants that will bloom year after year could be rescued, and put out where I've been planting things across the street near the gates of the golf course.

When I was at work Monday, the day after Easter, all the left-over lily plants were marked down to just a buck, which I guess is better than just throwing them in the dumpster. I bought a grocery cart full that had been discounted, and brought them home. Some actually had two stalks, so I ended up with about twenty plants. Took them out of pot covers, removed from pots, and put them in the wheelbarrow. Rolled them across the street, along with my shovel and some granular/time release fertilizer. Got them all planted as it was getting dark on Monday afternoon.

As I was digging and planting, someone passing by veered off the street to stop, just curious as to what and why. He left me with some encouraging words. It doesn't take much for me to be really flattered by a kind word or two. He said he just wanted to know why I was doing it. I told him that I live right across the street, and thought: that little space is a mess! Decided I could/should do something to spruce it up. Went to talk to the course supervisor who said he did not have funds in his budget for doing anything that would not be a course improvement. I said:  'it won't cost you anything, other than some labor and mulch.'

 So I told the guy who stopped and inquired about my planting lilies in the dusky evening:  I thought it would bring joy into the lives of all the people who pass by each day and see something blooming. Hoping it would bring a smile to every face that drives by.

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