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about those comics...

Saturday, April 15, 2017
...I heard about on the car radio.  It's probably been a couple of weeks ago, maybe when I was on the interstate highway headed to Decatur. Amusing myself by skipping through several different public radio stations as one would fade out and another signal kicks in. There was an announcement for something that would come up later in the hour. Like those little teasers on TV, where you hear about something designed to capture your attention, with more info. to come, causing you to 'stay tuned' to that particular station.

What I could swear I heard: 'hundreds of comedians are being turned back at the US border'. With details to be provided in a story later in the hour.  Which, you will agree, sounds really strange. Personally, I think we could all use more levity in our lives, so cannot even begin to guess why the Immigration Service would deny entrance to people who wanted to come and amuse us. Research is always suggesting how a good belly laugh will improve your mental and physical health. Why would the INS refuse passage to people who are providing such good therapy?

When I heard that full story would be revealed fifteen  minutes later, I was compelled to hold on to that radio station, to get  more information.  Whereupon I discovered that for some now obscure reason Canadians were being refused entry into the US. I guess that should make us all feel better, to know that it was people who spend most of their year covered in ice, snow and grumpiness. And relieved to finally understand that the comics who want to provide such good therapy by making us giggle and guffaw are not being singled out.

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