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the dreaded task...

Thursday, April 13, 2017
...of  floor cleaning. It is a toss up  as to whether the sweeping/mopping action is more disliked than the vacumming of places that cannot be mopped. Both are equally distasteful, therefore the decision of which is most worst is a hard one to make.

Today's chore (as I am unemployed for the remainder of the week) was to sweep and mop all the places that have not been clean in a long time. The Man Who Lives Here has a penchant for sitting on a stool and eating his food from the counter-top in the kitchen. Meaning there is a considerable amount of edible material that leaves the horizontal surface and does not actually complete the route to end up ingested. Some lands on his clothing, some hits the floor. Cleaning either of those can be challenging, especially when the original product is not recognizable.

I've spent the morning sweeping and mopping two-thirds of the house.  Kitchen, living area, halls, bathroom. And have no desire or intention to get out the vacuum to complete the entire circuit. I've filled my quota for the day. Or possibly week.

I noticed when I was  moving chairs to clean under the small round table where we eat our meals (when The Man is not feeding himself from a great distance: counter to mouth) and realized I dislike dusting as much as any of the other routinely necessary household tasks. A particularly sturdy chair I moved to the dining table for supporting a large Man was really dusty around the braces on the legs. Upon asking myself: 'how long has it been since you last dusted this?' and the answer is 'never'. So I gave it a swipe with my bare hand. While wiping the dust bunnies off the bottoms of the legs, releasing them to roam again, skitter about on the random breeze, for the next time I get motivated enough to do any excessive cleaning.

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