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why, you may ask....

Friday, August 12, 2016
...was I so insistent on having only an initial and last name on the plastic card? For what I thought was a Very Good Reason. Simply so that if the card should be misput, stolen, or lost no one would know what my name is, so could not sign my full name on a receipt to use the card.

For the same reason I do not have my first name on my printed checks or the other credit card I use daily. If some hinky soul should get my card info. through nefarious means, just having the number to use it online, you still need to have a name associated with that particular card. When you cannot give the business a full name, it's not likely that the number will be used or accepted to make a purchase.

Did I tell you about the time I got a call from a credit card company, years ago? Asking if I had made a purchase at a curb store in New Jersey? The total amount was well over two hundred dollars. Unless you are buying cigarettes or vast quantities of beer, it would be pretty difficult to spend that amount at a convenience store. I reported I had never been to Jersey in my life, and certainly not to purchase beer at a curb store. I have no idea how that occurred, but I did not pay for beer I did not enjoy drinking.

As I said, I am not through with this... I am sure the bank would not blink over the loss of my business. My little checking and saving is so insignificant there would be no begging, pleading, gnashing of teeth if I should relocate my accounts. But it does seem to me like the card processing company would be willing to put the name I choose on my credit card. If they put initials for a business (or a man), I expect they should do likewise for any one doing business with them.

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